Championship Rings

Championship Rings Replica on Sale

Titus Metals brings you a collection of replica championship rings from your favorite sporting teams. All of the rings are handcrafted and made to order to ensure the highest quality. Our mould designs are based from the original and updated ring design. We carefully select the finest and the most precious metals to give that extra premium value that you deserve. We have a wide array of choices from NBA, NFL, NBL and many other sporting categories. We source our metals from the best and the largest manufacturer of the rings in the world. Compared to others we have an all-in-pricing model and we offer free shipping throughout the world. 

Sporting fans usually have the following considerations when looking for the perfect replica of their championship ring.

1) Metals used 

2) High Quality Zirconia stones

3) Customisation ( Name and Number)

4) Inside engraving

5) Delivery & Shipping

Replica championship rings are harder to find now a real quality provider. The level of detail and accuracy of replication to ensure value for the fans and collectors. From New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat these are some of our popular replica rings.

Buy one of our premium value items today or send us an email at for any of your enquiries.