What Are Championship Rings?

Posted by Erika Yap on

If you’re a big fan of sports, you probably have heard of the term “championship rings.” These are the rings given to the members of winning teams in professional sports leagues, and college tournaments.

Since only one championship trophy can be awarded to the winning team, these championship rings are given to the actual players and team officials as a collectible memento to symbolize their victory.

So when did the concept of championship rings started?

The first championship rings were given during the 1922 World Series when New York Giants won over New York Yankees. Before that, players of the winning team were given pins or pocket watches as keepsakes. It was only in the 1930s when championship rings became an annual tradition in the World Series. Since then, other professional sports leagues follow suit, including the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Nowadays, it has become common for high schools to award championship rings to the members of the winning teams of state and provincial championship in their given sport. Even in racing series like the NASCAR Sprint Cup and IndyCar Series, rings are given for a championship win.

What are championship rings made of?

Authentic championship rings are made of yellow or white gold diamonds, with adorned diamonds. Its design includes the team name, their logo, and the championship number -- usually indicated in Roman Numerals for Super Bowl wins.

For replicas, quality championship rings should be made using the finest metals available in the market like brass, sterling silver, siladium, and sometimes, even gold. For its stones, the best championship rings used cubic zirconia, which has been used by many jewelers to replace diamonds.

What does championship rings mean to fans?

Replicas of championship rings have become popular collectibles to fans. For century, these rings have symbolized the highest accomplishment in sports. For the players, it has become a status symbol and career validation -- a symbol of excellence as they put it.

While for fans, replicas of these championship rings are more than just collectibles and status symbol, it's the ultimate proof of love for their team and the sport.