The New York Yankees Championship Rings

Posted by Erika Yap on

If you’re into baseball, then it’s impossible not to like New York Yankees even if they are not your favorite team. They are one of the two major league clubs in New York, and has won 27 World Series championships, has 18 division titles, and 40 AL pennants.

Due to this, New York Yankees Championship Rings are one of the most in-demand championship rings replicas in the market. Let’s check out these NY Yankees Championship Rings:


The 1962 Yankees American League Championship Ring features the bat-and-hat Yankees logo which adorns the ring’s face.  The hat is also embellished with round-cut stones in three different colors including clear, red, and blue. In the middle of it lies the word “Yankees” embossed and surrounded by three larger round cubic zirconia stones that feature the same three colors. Around the bezel of the ring are the words “American Leagues Champions” and the year “1962” engraved on each side of the ring. The band of the ring also features a stitched-knot design that resonates the red stitched found in baseballs.


The 1977 New York Yankees Championship Ring is characterized by the NY logo in the center of the face ring in embossed silver, which is also studded by brilliant cubic zirconia stones. The logo is set on blue enamel that is surrounded by the engraved words “Yankees World Champions” at the edge of the bezel. While in each side are the engraved numbers of the year 1977, and the word Berra alongside italic letters that composed the words “Yankees 21st World Championship.”


The 1978 New York Yankees Championship Ring has a noted style by the large, premium cubic zirconia stone that is set into blue enamel that is encircled by twenty-two smaller clear stones. The word “World Champions” are engraved on its edges. The left shank of the ring also features the team’s logo and the Yankees Stadium facade, while the right shaft shows the year 1978 alongside another logo of the New York Yankees.


The 1996 New York Yankees Championship Ring has a design that resonates the 1977 version but with a few tweaks on it. The NY logo is crafted in the center of the ring’s face in its embossed typeface on top of blue enamel. The logo is also adorned with a large and round cubic zirconia in the middle alongside smaller ones, bringing emphasis to it. Surrounding the enamel are the words “1996 World Champions” in embossed letters.


The 1999 New York Yankees Championship Ring is a luxurious collectible item that is immersed in a sea of dazzling cubic zirconia stones and features a raised logo of NY also adorned with CZ stones and bordered with blue enamel. The right shank features the Yankees bat and hat logo and the words “25th World Championship.” While the left shank of the ring shows the Stadium imagery.