How Championship Rings are Customized

Posted by Erika Yap on

Ever joined a sports activity, where your team won, and you just wished that they have given you some sort of commemorative as a token of your victory -- something similar to sports championship ring? If yes, then did you know that you can actually customize your own championship rings to commemorate not just special occasions but also organizations or groups that you are a part of.

But how can you customize your own championship rings? Well, let us guide you with the process:

Step 1 - Design your championship ring.

First, you must submit the design of your championship ring to a company that does custom championship ring. Most companies have their ring catalogs that showcase designs you can use. Still, though, you definitely would want to add a touch of your team’s characteristics to your own championship ring such as your own logo.

Step 2 - Wait for your ring’s art presentation.

After you have submitted your design to the company, their artists will then work on providing you with a 2D showcase of your custom championship rings. Review the presentation once its given to you, make the appropriate changes you want then submit it back to the company.

Step 3 - The company starts manufacturing.

Once your ring’s artwork is finalized, the company will then start working on the production of your custom championship ring. They start by creating a mold that they will use to create your custom rings. From there, the process of ring production is started the ring band is polished to its finest.

Step 4 - Adding stones and other designs.

After the ring is made, the manufacturers then add other intricate details to the ring such as stones and applying enamels. This usually takes time since it is a complex job that requires precision to apply the right intricate details to your custom ring.

Step 5 - Polishing and packaging.

After the intricate details are added to the ring, final touches are then made to the ring before it gets packaged. A quality test is also done to ensure the durability of the custom championship ring.


You can personalize your own championship ring by adding your team’s logo and name, colors, achievement date, and also the recipient’s name.

With custom championship rings, you can proudly showcase your team’s accomplishment.